Symantec ITMS 8.5 Workspaces – my personal suggestion

The newly introduced Workspaces in ITMS 8.5 are a really great enhancement in addtion to the Leagacy Console.

The new Workspaces are Browser-independent which is one of the best features. The Console also provides the abillity to do most of the work for Level 1 Helpdesk Workers (installing software, running tasks and reports, changing the asset status).


From my point of view a very important feature for Level 1 Helpdesk Workers is still missing: The ability to create Predefined Computers in the new Workspaces Console. This inhibits most of the users from using this really great new Workspace Console. Life will be much easier if this can be done in ONE Console without swiching to the Leagacy Console.

The creation of Predefined Computers in the new Workspace Console would make life much easier for all Level 1 Helpdesk Workers!

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