Windows 11 Readiness with Symantec Client Management Suite

Windows 11 Readiness check

Windows 11 will be released today (October 5th ) and we need to know which devices in our environment are ready for the upgrade!

The excellent news is that Symantec Custom Inventory can be used to gather the required data and based on this data we are able to create reports that can provide you all the information you need to plan for OS upgrades, hardware upgrades, or even hardware refresh!

Step 1: We must create a custom dataclass and add the following attributes.

custom dataclass with attributes

Step 2: Download the Microsoft HardwareReadiness.ps1 Powershell script and replace the signature block with the code below in the script.

Attention: The HardwareReadiness.ps1 script has a typo (as of October 4th) and cannot be used as it is. Search for „$$modelOrSKUCheckLog“ (without the „“) in the HardwareReadiness.ps1 and delete one $ sign. Special thanks to Contrinity for the hint!

#-------- Please don't modify begin -----------
## Create instance of Altiris NSE component
$nse = New-Object -ComObject  Altiris.AeXNSEvent

## Set the header data of the NSE
$nse.To = "{50FBF1F5-17C5-47f1-92A8-D800B2515535}"
$nse.Priority = 1

$objIRInstance = $nse.AddDataClass('Win11 Hardware Readiness')
$objIRDataClass = $nse.AddDataBlock($objIRInstance)

#Add new row of data
$objIRDataRow = $objIRDataClass.AddRow()
$objIRDataRow.SetField(0, $outObject.returnCode)
$objIRDataRow.SetField(1, $outObject.returnReason)
$objIRDataRow.SetField(2, $outObject.returnResult)
$objIRDataRow.SetField(3, $outObject.logging)

#Send the data

Step 3: Create a report using the following SQL Query in the report builder

SELECT     dbo.vComputer.Guid AS _ItemGuid, dbo.vComputer.Name, dbo.vComputer.[OS Name], dbo.Inv_Win11_Hardware_Readiness.*, dbo.vHWComputerSystem.Manufacturer, dbo.vHWComputerSystem.Model
FROM        dbo.vHWComputerSystem INNER JOIN
                 dbo.vComputer INNER JOIN
                  dbo.Inv_Win11_Hardware_Readiness ON dbo.vComputer.Guid = dbo.Inv_Win11_Hardware_Readiness._ResourceGuid ON dbo.vHWComputerSystem._ResourceGuid = dbo.Inv_Win11_Hardware_Readiness._ResourceGuid

The data in the newly created dataclass allows to create different reports on your specific needs, for example:

  1. Devices do not meet -TPM Requirements (maybe a Firmware upgrade is available)
  2. Devices do not meet – Secureboot (maybe Secureboot is not enabled in the Bios)
  3. Devices do not meet – Storage (upgrade the Harddisk)
  4. Devices do not meet – CPU (replace Hardware with newer one)
  5. Devices do not meet – Memory (upgarde Memory Modules if possible)

Symantec plans to publish a supportability statement within 30 days of the GA date of Windows 11.


Understanding the Hardware Readiness script output

Windows 11 Specifications and System Requirements

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