Symantec Asset Management 8.6 Issue

When you upgrade to 8.6 with Asset Management installed you may see this issue after the upgrade or a new installation

In the SMP Console -> Manage -> Computers -> right click on a Computer -> click Edit

You may see a new Dataclass appearing called AeX Network Adapter or when navigating to Home ->Service and Asset Management -> Manage Configuration Items -> Computer and Peripherals -> Computer -> double click on a Computer

Symantec introduced this with the 8.6 release and some fields are marked as required fields (DeviceId, Type, Flags).

Here are the steps to reproduce – Big thanks to my friends at Contrinity for providing the step-by-step instructions and the workaround for this issue.

  • Create predefined computer with MAC-address filled in
  • Boot to automation (PXE/ISO/…)
  • Computer will add data to Inv_Aex_NetworkAdapter

Right click on a computer, choose edit and you will see the data class

Currently there is a workaround until Symantec / Broadcom support fixes the issue.
To hide the data class from asset management:

  1. Go to Settings> Notification Server> Resource and Data Class Settings> Data Classes> Inventory> Basic Inventory> AeX Network Adapter
  2. Right click on the data class > export.
  3. Edit the XML and change userEditable to false
  4. Import the data class again.

I will update the Blogpost as soon as a official fix is available.

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