Symantec Virtual User Group – Endpoint Management

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Symantec hosts a Virtual User Group for Endpoint Management on 17th of November 2020

If you want to attend please register here.


  • Endpoint Management within Symantec, A Division of Broadcom with Mike Grueber
  • Symantec Endpoint Management Today with Jim Broniec
    • The IT team is critical to many companies’ approach to endpoint management, and may be utilizing any or all of the Symantec Endpoint Management product family to accomplish their objectives. In this session, we will look back at the major developments that have been delivered in IT Management Suite 8.5 and Ghost Solution Suite 3.3, and how companies can use them to reach their goals.
  • Latest Symantec Endpoint Management Releases with Brian Sheedy
    • Our endpoint management portfolio comprises Symantec IT Management Suite and its respective suites, as well as Ghost Solution Suite. Here we will provide an overview of the recently released versions of the products and walk through the platform, infrastructure and solution-level enhancements that have been made.
  • Product Roadmap and Upcoming Features Feedback Session with Mike Grueber
    • In addition to our current roadmap we also have a list of important feature requests raised by our customers. In this session, we will reveal our roadmap for the overall Endpoint Management product family, have a look at some of your most pressing requests, and provide an opportunity for you to give feedback on future priorities.
  • Q&A
    • Ask questions of our Endpoint Management product experts

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