Feature Request: Windows Package Manager (WinGet) Connector for ITMS

The Windows Package Manager (also known as WinGet) is a free and open-source package manager designed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and Windows 11. It consists of a command-line utility and a set of services for installing applications.[3][4] Independent software vendors can use it as a distribution channel for their software packages. [Source: Wikipedia].

The Idea: Use the WinGet Repository to automatically create Software Releases in ITMS. Currently the WinGet Repository consists of ~3800 Packages. With the ability to create a Connector for WinGet in ITMS we would be able to easily create Software Releases in ITMS and update the Software Releases automatically.

The Feature Request should allow a scheduled import of all available WinGet Packages (similar to the Patch Management – PMImport process), automatic creation of selected Software Packages (from WinGet) and an option to to “always create a new release when a new version is available” or update the release with a new Version (superseded). 

In addition there should be options to:

  • Disallow update of Packages that are currently managed by Patch Management (to avoid conflicts between WinGet and Patch Management when updating an application).
  • Allow to add additional custom files and folders to the Software Packages (so that it is possible to add .mst, .ini,… or any other custom Files / Folders).
  • Allow to override the install / update / uninstall command-line with a custom one (like already provided in Patch Management)
  • Cleanup of outdated and superseded Packages (similar to the options currently available in Patch Management)


If you have other ideas or feedback please let me know!

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