What´s New in ITMS 8.6 RU1 – a quick overview

In this blogpost I want to give a short overview of the new features with some screenshots. In the next weeks I will do blogposts with more details about some of the new features introduced in 8.6 RU1, especially for the new feature to run jobs and tasks in WinPE environments using Cloud Enabled Management connection. This was one of my favorite Feature Requests in the last months which is now part of the Release! I´m very happy to see this feature in the product and I´m sure this will be a gamechanger for many of us…

Another interesting new feature is the ability for Modern Device Management capabilities for MacOS Devices. Hope to see more and broader MDM capabilities for iOS and Android Devices in an upcoming release.

Release Notes: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/symantec-security-software/endpoint-security-and-management/it-management-suite/ITMS/Release-Notes/IT-Management-Suite-86-RU1-Release-Notes.html

Highlights of the release include: 

  • Technical preview of Modern Device Management capabilities for MacOS devices
  • Symantec Management Agent support for
    • Windows 10 21H1
    • RedHat and CentOS 7.9 and 8.3
    • MacOS devices with Apple M1 chips
  • Symantec Management Agent UI enhancements
    • Filter capability added to Software Delivery tab

Ability to view Software Name, Version and Vendor from Software Delivery tab

  • NBS tab displays status of Net Boot Service (NBS) services and images
  • Ability to hide information regarding specified policies
  • Option to display all Symantec Management Agent notifications in Windows Action Center
  • Apple notarization of Symantec Management Agent installation package
  • Symantec Management Platform console enhancements
    • Option to clone a job without cloning the items included in the job
  • Ability to define default value for Package Server assignment
  • Full OS version and build number displayed in Resource Manager (can also be added to custom reports)
  • Manage Publications page retains filter and sort settings from previous session
    • Software Compliance Detailed Summary report shows devices on which Managed Software Delivery policy did not install software due to pending reboot
  • New privilege to define whether users can use Filter Builder – this doesn´t work after an upgrade to 8.6 RU1 – KB with a fix is available.
  • Deployment Solution enhancements
    • Option to create or recreate PXE images on individual Net Boot Services (NBS) servers
  • Ability to run jobs and tasks in WinPE environments using Cloud Enabled Management connection
  • ASDK: New CreateFolder2 method that can be used to specify the folder type when creating a folder.

The technical preview of the MDM capabilities for MacOS devices is fully functional, but is disabled by default.  Customers using ITMS to manage MacOS devices are highly encouraged to try the functionality. For more information on enabling these capabilities, please contact Mike Gruber over Broadcom Community.

In addition you will find some new Privileges for the new MDM capabilities

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