What´s New in ITMS 8.6 Release (Blackbird)

The following new features are introduced in Task Management:

Ability to not show task information to the end users in the Symantec Management Agent user interface. This option can be configured in one of the following ways:

In the Advanced Options of a task, or a job you can hide a single task or a job.

In Task Agent Settings, you can hide all tasks.

In the Deployment Options of a Deploy Software task in Time-Critical Management portal, you can hide a single task.

Task Service section on the sites server’s page is extended to provide information about the pending reboot on Task Servers and Clients when both running SMA version 8.6.

Ability to run scripts on a specific Task Server using the new Run Script on Specific Task Server task

The text editing areas for some type of tasks can be resized. For example, script editing area of a Run Script task, message editing area of the End User Notification task, etc

The new option Don’t use peer-to-peer downloading: When connected to VPN on the Targeted Agent Settings page lets you configure devices not to serve as content providers to their peers while connected to VPN.

  • Prefer CEM connection option lets you continue managing your devices using Cloud-enabled Management if the Notification Server is available directly.
  • Prefer CEM connection if connected to VPN option lets you continue managing your devices using Cloud-enabled Management if there is a VPN connection established on these devices.

On the Global Agent Settings page, on the General tab, you can now view and manage predefined VPN adapters and network adapters that Symantec Management Agents have reported. You can also add VPN adapters manually.

In the Time Critical Management workspace, you can now deploy software updates to your client devices in real time.

The Show agent notifications in Windows action center option on the Targeted Agent Settings > User Control page lets you show the agent restart notifications in Windows action center on the client computers. Because the Focus assist settings apply to all notifications in Windows action center, the end users will be able to turn the Focus assist on to prevent showing the notifications (including the agent restart notifications) on the desktop. This feature is supported on client computers with Windows 10 (version 1903 and higher) and Windows Server 2019 (version 1903 and higher).

The following new features are introduced in Patch Management:You can now configure software update policies to not install any new updates on devices that are pending a reboot.

The new option Prevent computer from going into sleep mode while software delivery policies run on the Targeted Agent Settings page lets you prevent your client devices from going into sleep mode while a download process or an installation process is running.

On the software page, you can now export the results of Computers with software installed report into a CSV file. If you use search field or pre-defined filters, then only filtered data will be exported.

The following operating systems are now supported for the installation of the Symantec Management Agent and solution plug-ins:

Release Notes for full feature list: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/symantec-security-software/endpoint-security-and-management/it-management-suite/ITMS/Release-Notes/IT-Management-Suite-86-Release-Notes/what-s-new-in-this-release-v128494431-d846e87178.html

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