Windows 10 unattended Setup error with Symantec Deployment Solution 8.5 RU2

Update: A Pointfix ( is available for the issue. The Problem will be also fixed with upcomming 8.5 RU3 .

After upgrading a few CMS Installations from 8.x to 8.5 RU2 I found that there are some “undocumented features”.

When the Client boots into WinPE and starts the Windows 10 Rollout job I found (that after the upgrade to 8.5 RU2) the client switches the predefined computername from “shortname” to the “FQDN” and then back to the “shortname”

When you are running a custom token replacement script your computername end up with the FQDN in the unattend.xml file (which results in the first screenshot – because the FQDN it isn´t a valid hostname) instead of the shortname.

This change was made by Symantec to solve another problem but causes this one.


To work around this issue I´ve created a new Token for the hostname and instead of using the predefined SQL Query we use vComputer table to grab the shortname of the computer instead of FQDN name that is in the vTaskTargetDevices table a short amount of time.

Original Token for COMPNAME:

select [Name]

from [dbo.].[vTaskTargetDevices]

where [GUID] = '%COMPUTERID%'

modified Token for COMPNAME85RU2:

select [Name]

from [dbo.].[vComputer]

where [GUID] = ‚%COMPUTERID%‘

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